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Pregnancy Week by Week

This Resource will be give presentation about week by week baby born, with picture and resource about each week. Remember that every pregnancy is different, and growth rates vary, so always read one week on either side of your estimated pregnancy stage. If you have any questions, please check with your healthcare provider.

Week 7 of 40

Tiny Baby But Gaining Weight Fast! That’s pretty much what describes your baby at this point. Your little one is approx. 1/3 of an inch in size. Compare this to the size of a grain of rice. The brain is growing and so are the eyes, the nostrils, the intestines, the pancreas, and the bronchi. The little buds that started appearing in week 6 are now taking more shape to be arms and legs.

The 7th week is usually the last week with the known symptoms of early pregnancy appearing. Naturally you are not showing yet (unless you describe your joy and excitement of being a Mom soon as showing). Weight loss is still normal at this stage of pregnancy. Just wait a few more weeks and the opposite will be the case. If you are still fighting with morning sickness, make sure to eat and drink frequently. An empty stomach is causing more problems.

Week 8 of 40

The baby’s heartbeat can now be picked up by an ultrasound. Given the small size of the baby’s body, but tiny fingers and toes are already developing. The face is taking shape and ears, eyes, and the nose are now recognizable. The intestines start to form in the umbilical cord.

Your uterus is now approx. the size of an orange or a small Grapefruit. You might already be gaining some weight. If you have been pregnant before you might eventually be showing already. Your muscles and ligaments are just not as tight and strong anymore. Skin irritations and problems can show up and make you think you are back in your teenage years. Don’t worry – these problems will go away after you reach the second trimester.

Week 9 of 40

Bones are now on the menu. The bones are now developing. The eye is on its way to become what we know as an eye. The tongue is beginning to develop. The intestines start to move out of the umbilical cord where they have started to develop. They will slowly make their way into the abdomen as the baby’s body grows. Little fingers and thumbs have appeared but are very short.

Are you aware you're missing your second period already with the 9th week? Your breasts will become a little fuller and will be more sensitive to contact. It is the time to look for some more supportive bras. You are gaining weight – mostly around your waistline. Did you notice any heartburn or constipation? Those are typical signs of pregnancy. Make sure you drink enough fluids. Dehydration is a common pregnancy problem as many women underestimate the increased need of fluids that your body is consuming.

Week 10 of 40

Around the 10th week the baby has begun moving around your womb. However due to the small size of the baby you will not notice this additional action at all. Baby’s body has formed all the joints. If you could see him now you would recognize the elbow, knees, wrist, shoulder, ankle, as well as the hands with the fingers and the feet with the tiny toes.

The typical morning sickness can ease up a little bit around the 10th week. However your mileage might vary. Your hormones are taking you onto a crazy ride here and there. Mood swings are happening more often at this point. Hang in there – it is only for a short time. During pregnancy your blood volume will increase significantly. The average gain is about 50% more blood at the end of pregnancy. The additional blood inside lets your veins shine through the skin a little more. Check your breasts, your legs, and your tummy if you have not noticed this yet.

You will also notice the increasing weight gain. Each doctor’s appointment usually starts with checking your weight. The reason for this is to see if you are gaining enough weight. A weight gain below average might indicate certain problems. An example would be that the baby is not gaining body weight due to the placenta not supporting it enough. Please do not start a diet during pregnancy! Eat wisely! Eat healthy. Normal weight gain during a pregnancy is between 25 and 40 lbs. Again, your mileage might vary.

Week 11 of 40

Starting with the 11th week, the baby is now called a fetus. The time until now is considered the most critical part of the baby's development. Birth defects develop during the first 10-11 weeks. The 11th week is a period of rapid growth. On average the baby will be about 2 inches in length by the end of this week. The head makes for about half of this. Up to this point the placenta has actually not started working. Within the next 10-14 days this will change.

Your uterus has grown to the size of a small grapefruit at this point! Your appetite increases, but certain smells can make you throw up and be bothering.

Your doctor has most likely talked to you about prenatal tests. Some of these tests probably have been done already. Spend some time researching prenatal diagnostic testing and better understand what each test does and what risks could be included.

Week 12 of 40

Around the 12 week almost all organs and the body structure are completely “built.” From here they will continue to grow and develop until the baby is due to fully function. The genitals will now develop the male or female specifics. Fingernails and toenails are starting to grow and eventually some hair on the head will grow. The baby’s kidneys are starting to work. Fingers and toes have separated and hair and nails begin to grow. The genitals begin to take on their gender characteristics. As a result from the kidneys to work (they already produce urine) the amniotic fluid begins to accumulate.

The uterus will start shifting upwards and forward as it grows. This will reduce the pressure on your bladder a little bit – making trips to the bathroom less frequent for a while. By the 3rd trimester the bladder will be under pressure by the uterus again as the baby needs room. If you are still fighting morning sickness chances are it will get better soon. You will also feel more energy and you will be less tired. However due to the increased blood volume in your body you might experience headaches. Be sure to mention these symptoms to your doctor during routine visits.

Week 13 of 40

Welcome to the second trimester. The 13th week is a very busy week for your baby’s development. The face is growing and looks more and more human day by day. The eyes move closer together. Baby’s ears find their final position on the head. The genitals have developed and it is now possible to determine the sex of the baby if you could see the baby with your own eyes. However – it takes until week 16 on average before the ultrasound picks up the gender. The intestines move farther into the baby's body; the liver starts to secrete bile. The pancreas begins to produce insulin around this week. Did we mention already that this would be a very busy week for the baby?

Overall this is the most enjoyable stage of pregnancy. Usually the morning sickness is gone and so are the other symptoms that made you feel uncomfortable. If you are still feeling a little tired, listen to your body and give it the rest it needs. Your body is in for some overtime. Your uterus stretches and you may feel some abdominal ache. The ligaments that hold up your uterus stretch to accommodate the growth. The result is called "round ligament pain".

Week 14 of 40

Your baby has grown to about 3 1/2 inches in length and is now 1 to 2 ounces in weight. The baby now begins to practice inhaling and exhaling movements. The eyes and ears continue to move to their final destinations. The neck is getting a little longer before it has reached its expected length. The chin will no longer rest on the chest, too. The tiny baby hands are becoming functional, and the baby is beginning to learn to move them. The placenta is the complete nutritional source for the baby.

Baby’s heartbeat can now easily be heard with a Doppler. Your OB will most likely show this to you on your next visit. Most heartbeat monitors for home usage will have difficulties picking up the heartbeat yet.

At this point the pregnancy hormones are leveling off a bit. This means less nausea, less frequent urination and less exhaustion for Mom. However, you will eventually be experiencing some constipation since the hormones have relaxed your bowel muscles. As a result they will work slower and less efficiently = constipation during pregnancy. In addition to that your uterus is also pressing on your bowel. Adding fiber to your diet will help to ease these problems a little bit.

Your body is preparing itself for breastfeeding already. Your veins on your chest and breasts are dilated and more visible. The areolas of your breasts may be darkening and growing in size/diameter.

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